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John Stobart (American b.1929 England)

America's most celebrated marine artist, John Stobart emigrated to the United States from England in the 1960's. At a time when most maritime artists were creating scenes of ships and the sea, he became interested in recreating the great harbors of America during the glory days of sail. His work represents an unmatched collection of port scenes, depicting an important era in our maritime history. While he carefully researches his subjects in order to reconstruct a scene as accurately as possible, Stobart enhances these powerful, historical scenes with lighting that creates a sense of season and time of day. Smokestack, spire, and cloud give definition to sky, and architecture is bathed in subtle tones of brick, wood and moonlight. It is Stobart's singular talent and devotion to continuing the great tradition of the art form that has brought him to a place of preeminence in the world of maritime art.

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