Portraits & Commissions

Katherine Holland will guide clients through the process of choosing a portrait artist and is honored to represent the nationally acclaimed portrait artist, Enid Hatton, as well as Kristin Nelson who paints beguiling images of family gatherings in the tradition of Grandma Moses.

Holland and Company will arrange landscape commissions and represents Emily Buchanan, who carries on the tradition of Classical Realism developed by the Boston School, and Jocelyn Sandor who interprets the landscape in the style of the American Folk Tradition. Ms. Sandor also has an international audience for her superb portraits of horses and dogs. Whether painting a renowned stakes winner, or a beloved family pet, Ms. Sandor captures the distinct personality of each animal. Additionally, we represent Flick Ford, the nationally recognized watercolorist. Ford is acclaimed for his renderings of both fresh and saltwater game fish. His attention to detail, coupled with his insistence on painting from life, make collectors happy to wait for the specific game fish of their choice.

The process of creating a commissioned work is both interesting, and challenging and Holland and Company guides clients through each step, beginning with choosing the right artist, and on to considering a composition and a style, and deciding whether children should be painted together in a grouping or separately in individual portraits. Successful commissions are the result of a talented and experienced artist and a client advised by a professional.